Experts have identified, what are the risk protein shakes for human health

Drinking protein shakes is gaining popularity among those who seek to become the owner of the “iron muscles”. But scholars warn that protein shakes are not safe for your health.

Специалисты определили, какую опасность представляют белковые коктейли для здоровья человека

So, a group of scientists from the University of Sydney (Australia) revealed that after consuming such drinks, the person escalates the feeling of hunger and a bad mood. This statement is confirmed by studies on mice.

Numerous tests have shown that the majority of simple smoothies contain a whey protein with a high number of BCAAs. With abundant flow of BCAAs in the body is the replacement of other nutrients, which negatively affects the body.

The journal Nature Metabolism on their pages reported that the intelligent use of diets with high content of protein and low in carbohydrates can be useful for improving reproductive functions in the body, but, as scientists have found, such people have significantly reduced life span.

Eating large amounts of protein shake leads to a decrease in serotonin levels, which in turn entails the next meal. In the end, the person receives the extra pounds. The misuse of protein drinks disrupts tryptophan, which leads to disruption of sleep and affects mood.

To talk about the absolute futility of BCAAs impossible. Subject to Mr. the use of a protein shake you can get rid of excess fat and increase muscle mass you need.