Experts have questioned the ability of garlic to strengthen the immune system

An expert in the field of dietetics Sergei Oblozhko questioned the ability of garlic to strengthen the immune system of the body. Nutritionist sure if the garlic and discourages disease, then only with people who literally shy away from person after eating the garlic.

Эксперты усомнились в способности чеснока укреплять иммунитет

If you want to protect against viruses and bacteria that begin to pose a special threat as winter approaches, it is necessary, first, regularly ventilate the room, and secondly, to wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap.

“As for the garlic, then the only real effect that it creates is that garlic literally repels you from other people. That is, if you reek of garlic, then you really have less chance to get infected”, says Oblozhko.

This is not the only point of view. For example, the dietitian Margarita Koroleva is sure that garlic can stimulate the immune system. Composed of garlic, according to experts, quite a lot of nutrients that help the body defend itself against infections. “Vitamin C as well as many other useful for the human body of substances contained in garlic, make this product indispensable in the autumn-winter period, when we see a seasonal surge in infectious diseases”, — said the Queen.