Experts named the best country for travelling in 2020 (PHOTO)

Travel portal Lonely Planet has compiled a rating of countries that are worth a visit in 2020.

In the first place was the Kingdom of Bhutan. “This tiny piece of Himalayan Paradise gives visitors the opportunity to stroll along the mountain trails polluted with garbage, in the company of people whose Buddhist beliefs allow them to be in harmony with the environment,” the study says.

Second place in the ranking took England, where, as experts point out, you can enjoy excellent views of the coast. Third on the list was North of Macedonia, which is well known for its cuisine, ancient traditions and nature.

In addition to these countries, the ranking also includes the island nation of Aruba in the South Caribbean sea which attracts tourists with its carnivals, the Kingdom of Eswatini (ex Swaziland) in southern Africa, which is famous for its parks and reserves, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Liberia, Morocco and Uruguay.