Experts pointed out affordable products that help slow down aging

Among the products available that help to slow down the aging process, experts allocate pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, oily fish, dark chocolate, lemons, nuts, parsley and other products.

Эксперты указали на доступные продукты, помогающие замедлять старение

Professionals compiled a list of products, effectively retarding the aging has published a web edition of the It includes

Pumpkin seeds. Rich in zinc, tryptophan and fatty acids, they rejuvenate externally, improving the properties of elasticity and smoothness of the skin and contributing to the regeneration of damage. Also pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants carotenoids and vitamin E which fight against inflammation, a factor in accelerated aging.

A day is recommended to drink up to 42 grams of pumpkin seeds (three tablespoons).

Tomatoes. They are also rich in antioxidants –carotenoids and lycopene, which protects skin from aging associated with exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation burns. In addition, lycopene reduces the level of cholesterol in blood and strengthens blood vessels, which is important for the prevention of associated with aging neirodegenerativnykh processes.

Scientists recommend to consume up to 22 mg of lycopene a day is about two or three tablespoons of tomato paste or a glass of unsalted tomato juice.

Fatty fish. Nutrition regular oily fish prevents the appearance of wrinkles and helps to maintain good skin condition. They contained omega-3 possess anti-inflammatory properties and improve the structure and appearance of not only skin but hair and nails.

It is recommended to eat a serving of oily fish, even in the form of canned food, volume of about 140 grams three times a week.

Cocoa or dark chocolate. They are rich in phytochemicals flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory and fight free radicals that oxidize the tissues of the body and cause premature aging.

A day is useful to eat up to 40 grams of chocolate with 80 percent cocoa content.

Almonds. This nut is particularly rich in vitamin E which is a powerful natural antioxidant, promotes cell regeneration and strengthens the immune system.

A day is advisable to use up to 20 almond nuts a day.

Parsley. Its use promotes the production of glutathione, a substance that activates the filtering activity of the liver and promotes the excretion of unfavorable components. In addition to the high dosage of antioxidants protivovospalitelnoe actions parsley helps get rid of edema.

To protect against premature aging enough to eat a handful of chopped fresh parsley in 30-40 grams three times a week.

Lemons. Lemon juice rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immune system, helps the body to cope better with the elimination of toxins and absorb iron. Vitamin C is one of the best assistants of the immune system and protect against inflammation that causes our body to be like that.

Beet. Beetroot juice protects against aging of our brain. In addition to vitamins, nutrients and minerals, it contains large amount of nitrates, of nitrogen compounds, the uptake of which into the body promotes the production of molecules monooksida nitrogen, managers control the contraction and dilation of blood vessels.

It is recommended to consume from 140 to 250 ml of beetroot juice per day.