Experts pointed out the deficiency symptoms of folic acid in the body

Severe fatigue, intense growth of gray hair, mouth ulcers can be symptoms of dangerous for the body of folic acid. Researchers from Denmark suggest to avoid this lack of eating more healthy foods.

Специалисты указали на симптомы нехватки фолиевой кислоты в организме

Scientists at Copenhagen University have been reminded of the importance of adequate consumption of folic acid. Its deficiency can cause anemia, infertility, dementia, Oncology, and mental health problems.

This dangerous lack of folic acid can occur in the body in just two weeks, if there is no proper food, scientists said. They pointed out that the vitamins in the body do not accumulate, and therefore it is important to use products containing them regularly.

Scientists say that people may not understand that his body lacks the same folic acid. They called signs of such violation.

“Cheerleaders have the following symptoms: severe fatigue, excessive appearance of gray hair, mouth ulcers, swelling of the tongue,” reported the researchers.

Experts recommend to obtain folic acid from such foods as asparagus, bananas, Brussels sprouts, eggs, spinach, broccoli, legumes, mushrooms, peas, poultry meat and tomato juice without salt.