Experts pointed to signs of eating too much salt

Doctors called various signs pointing to what you eat a lot of salt.

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As the newspaper writes, Women sHealth and hobby of salt can carry fatal consequences. Doctors the American heart Association state that salt should be consumed in small quantities. They recommend to eat a day not more than 1.5 g of sodium is no more than a teaspoon a day.

Excessive salt intake is threatened by human development of various diseases. To determine that the salt was a lot, the doctors spoke about the signs that indicate a large amount of salt.

First of all, experts say, people after excessive consumption of salt is thirsty. Large amounts of salt leads to dryness in the mouth, man wants to drink constantly.

Thirst leads to the fact that the person swells. The fluid retained by the body and swollen. Swelling may occur on the face and legs. Also, you may experience a swollen abdomen.

Overeating salt can lead to headaches. If salt was much that the blood vessels of the brain can expand and, as a result, the head can hurt badly.

From an overdose of sodium may increase blood pressure. Excessive salt increases the workload on the heart, due to this increased pressure.

Also, due to the overuse of salt can hurt the kidneys. Because of the salt increases protein in the urine, which can profoundly disrupt the urinary system. Also a large amount of salty food can be the reason for the occurrence of kidney stones.