Experts predict half a million deaths from the Chinese coronavirus in the United States

Hospitals in the United States is prepared to 96 million cases of coronavirus infections and almost half a million deaths from the outbreak. This writes the DailyMail, referring to the leak of analytical information.

Эксперты прогнозируют полмиллиона смертей от китайского коронавируса в США

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The spread of the deadly disease may be much worse than officials claim, according to the proposal, about 480,000 Americans die of the virus, and 4.8 million will be hospitalized.

This puts the crisis on a level more than 10 times higher than in the strong flu season.

Shocking figures contradict the statements of President trump, who has repeatedly argued that the risk to Americans, “low”.

Dr. James Lawler, Professor of Medical center of the University of Nebraska, presented a terrible rating “best guess” the extent of the outbreak for hospitals and health professionals in the AHA webinar entitled “What you need to know health leaders: Preparing for COVID-19”.

The data indicate that hospitals need to ramp up training now to reduce the number of deaths in the United States.

At the time of the presentation last week, the world was more than 80,000 confirmed cases.

Leaked information also shows a significant risk for the elderly and people with existing diseases, if they zaregatsya coronavirus. According people aged 80 years and older can die with a probability of 14.8% in case of infection.

The risk is reduced if the person is younger, although people aged 70-79 and 60-69 years, still face a significant risk with mortality rates of 8% and 3.6% respectively.

Lawler also estimated that people with heart disease, the risk of death from this disease is one in 10, compared with a probability less than one in 100 among healthy people who have not previously had the disease.

A representative of the Nebraska Medicine said that the figures reflect the views of Lawler and “his interpretation of the available data”.

“Maybe the forecast will change when there will be more information,” — said the representative of the Nebraska Medicine.

However, Lawler is not the first who warned that the disease may spread more than expected.

Harvard Professor mark Lipsitz previously said that over the next year to 70% of the world population will be infected with a coronavirus.

Lawler did not give a specific time of the outbreak, but his grades reinforce fears that the disease may bring US hospitals to the limit.

The US President Donald trump, who has been criticized for understating the risk of illness, signed a bill to allocate $8.3 billion for a solution to the crisis.

The President recently asked Congress for over $2 billion, but he refused, and later both houses adopted the bill on expenditures of $8.3 billion

While the figure is more than three times greater than the amount the White house last month, competitors Democrats raskritikoval trump, saying that too little money and too late.

The new measure provides funding to the health sector the money for tests, vaccines and other treatments.

Also the money provided to States and local authorities to respond to the epidemic.

The house of representatives passed a bill on Wednesday, March 11, and the Senate on Thursday, March 12, as part of a rapid response to the increased concerns of the public about this disease, where schools have closed and airlines canceled flights.

A group of lawmakers from both parties have agreed to increase security measures, which is a rare sign of bipartisanship.

The President also said that “anyone who wants to take the test can do it” that caused a lot of confusion due to the lack of tests.

As of March 11 in U.S. 972 coronavirus infected human died — 23.

The latest news and everything you need to know about the outbreak of a novel coronavirus from China, read the special ForumDaily “Chinese coronavirus”.




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