Experts recommend not to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth

If rinsing your mouth with water after brushing your teeth, then the fluoride and other needs for healthy teeth and gums products applied together with the pasta, just washed out and is not expected to have a beneficial effect. Accordingly, it is better not to rinse your mouth after brushing. This recommendation was shared by the dentists from the UK.

Эксперты посоветовали не полоскать рот после чистки зубов

According to scientists from London’s Queen Mary University, who has studied the teeth of people of the seventeenth century, preserved together with the skulls, the teeth of modern people lose teeth people of the seventeenth century in strength. All because people today eat too many sweets and do not eat hard food in the required amount. Plus, it often happens that a teeth cleaning, especially too violent and wrong, only harms the teeth.

“No need to wet the brush and completely fill it with the paste for normal cleaning is enough of a small pea of toothpaste. Just go brush each tooth in a circular motion and don’t press too hard” — say British dentists.

Rinse your mouth after brushing is not necessary. Simply spit out the excess paste. Otherwise you will wash away all the fluoride that is put on the teeth during cleaning. If you are using a liquid mouthwash, do not use it immediately after brushing your teeth — first, wait for a while.