Experts refute myths about the abuse of red meat

About the benefits and dangers of red meat scientists and experts argued a long enough period. The intergovernmental group of researchers studying climate change and land issues, came to the conclusion that consumption of processed red meat has a negative impact on health. It is the cause of rising mortality in the United States. However, scientists refute this assumption, proving the opposite. About it reports The Times.

Эксперты опровергли мифы о злоупотреблении красного мяса

The doctors said that there is no need to reduce the consumption of red meat. With the average level of consumption of the fans of this product can indulge in consumption. In the framework of the research, which was attended by 54 thousand people, the scientists found no link between meat consumption and risk of heart disease, cancer or diabetes.

It is noted that at the same time the experts have any questions to the vegetarian table. Doctors say that vegetarian food brings little benefit to health. On this basis, the views of experts dispersed: some argue that the use of steaks and burgers is harmful, others rely on denials and advised not to limit yourself to eating meat.

Critics compare the situation to how if smokers given advice to quit Smoking and continue to smoke on. Professionals school of public health named after T. H. Chan Harvard University, said — the United States spends about 315 billion dollars a year on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

It is noted that if you do not restrict people’s consumption of meat, in 2035, this amount will increase to $ 800 million a year. However, experts believe that, compared with vegetable protein sources, red meat is much more useful, it is the most healthy source of vegetable protein.