Experts said that if not to wash off makeup

Even if you’ve had a crazy party or leave the city ? don’t forget to take care of your skin and removing your makeup.

Эксперты рассказали, что будет, если не смывать косметику

Pay attention to the shortcomings and problems of the skin that may occur due to your negligence in care.

You can damage your skin cells

During the night your skin is restored, and the cells actively regenerate. Decorative cosmetics often prevents this, plugging in the skin free radicals and harmful substances that got on it during the day. And they in turn destroy collagen.

You can make acne

Do not forget that through a pore on the surface of the skin gets sebum and sweat that maintain skin hydrated and help remove dead cells and impurities. But when you apply makeup, the pores get blocked and the sebum is no longer being produced.

This leads to the enlargement and inflammation of the skin, which can manifest in acne and rashes.

You accelerate the aging process

During the day on the face of accumulated impurities that prevent the skin cells to produce collagen is the main material provides the elasticity of the skin. Without collagen, your skin dries out, loses elasticity and there are new wrinkles.

Your skin becomes dull and your complexion is uneven

If you use a highlighter to make your skin radiant, but forget to wash it off before bed, and then he will give the opposite effect. The skin is the largest organ of our body which performs many vital functions: heals wounds, releases the sweat and regulates the heat transfer.

So do not neglect the evening face care, because when the pores become clogged, the skin does not breathe becomes dull and irritated.

You hinder the skin to breathe

Night pores usually secrete sebum, which protects your skin from environmental influences. If you do not wash away makeup, it will slow down this process and gives the skin a bacteria.

Your skin will become dry

Even if in the morning you will wash the makeup, it will not give such good results as if you did the evening before bedtime. Know that your skin is restored at night, and if you care for it correctly, these processes will stop and your skin starts to dry out.

Makeup irritates the mucous membrane of the eye

Falling asleep with makeup, you risk the morning to red eyes with swelling around them. Shadow, eyeliner and mascara, be sure to wash off before bedtime as they settle dust and other contamination. Often swollen and red eyes are the sign of an infection, got there together with cosmetics.

Your lashes can break

Yes, such a terrible disadvantage may also occur if you sleep with painted eyes. Make-up for eyes can “eat into” the lashes and cause breakage. The use of aggressive means for removing makeup – also not the best solution. Choose mild products that gently clean the eyes from cosmetics.

The bacteria on your pillow reinforce the negative effect

On the pillow accumulates a lot of bacteria, so the pillowcase is recommended to be changed every few days. Stale bed linen can cause irritation, even if you are not thoroughly washed.

So if you have makeup on your face sleep on a dirty bed, it is tantamount that you will walk barefoot through the city and go to bed with dirty feet.

On your lips will crack

Sleep with lipstick can lead to dryness. In addition, the next day, apply lipstick, it will be problematic, as it will not look good on dry lips.