Experts said that it is better to buy currency or gold

The demand for currency among Ukrainians is so high that to satisfy the banks need 800 million to $ 1 billion and 350 million euros.

Эксперты рассказали, что лучше покупать — валюту или золото

As reported the lack of currency in banks and exchange offices has led to the fact that the Ukrainians began to buy gold bullion.

It is noted that the effect of currency purchases may depend on how the situation will develop pandemic coronavirus and whether Ukraine will receive a loan from the IMF.

For example, according to bankers, if the pandemic starts to decline, and credit will be given, then the dollar will remain within 28 hryvnia or be slightly below, in such a case, the benefits from purchases of foreign currency, the investor will not receive.

Instead of buying currency bankers suggest to open the hryvnia deposits, whose yield index UIRD is 11.9, and 12.3% depending on the term. Such investments, according to experts, are the attachments with minimal risk.

“Is it better to get a guaranteed income or the risk is not to do any income? This is a decision each must make. In any case, we should not forget about the portfolio approach to investment, where within the overall investment portfolio (deposits, property, etc.) part of the funds can be invested in foreign currency”, – says head of Department on work with investors of the Bank Credit Dnepr Andrey Prikhodko.

According to experts, the decline in the economy in connection with quarantine measures, which are likely to be extended until may-June, will be about 4-5%

“Expectations for the course during the summer months — 27 UAH/$. At the end of the year — 28,5 UAH/$,” – said the analyst of Concorde Capital Eugene Ahtyrka.

In order for investments really brought benefits, experts suggest to invest in precious metals, particularly gold. Unlike currency, gold only adds to the price.

Now the cost of 1 gram of gold is about 1480 USD. However, after 2-3 months, according to bankers, the gold price may rise to 1600 UAH/gram.

“In the next few months, the price of an ounce will cost about $1750-1800. I always encourage clients to adhere to the “three hands rule”: to keep their savings in gold, foreign currency and local currency. The best investment now – not silver, not platinum, but gold is. In any pandemic or crisis, the price always remains only it. And the currency tends to depreciate during crises,” – said the Director of the Department of banking, banknote Industrialbank Andrew lions.

It is noted that the demand for gold among Ukrainians is now as high as the demand for currency and the most marketable commodity are gold 100 gram bars.