Experts said that next week will be the most suitable for the dollar

Analysts said that in the near future we can expect a rise in price of the U.S. dollar.

About it reports the edition “Today”.

Эксперты сообщили, что следующая неделя станет наиболее подходящей для покупки доллара

The most suitable time to buy the U.S. currency, according to experts, will be next week. The reason for this – a sustainable inflation trend.

“The business remains pent-up demand for currency, which in full measure will be implemented as soon as the country will be out of quarantine. Therefore, those who have hryvnia surplus and wants to convert them into dollars, it’s time to do it in days of calm, when the course at a minimum,” said analyst Oleg Pendzin.

According to another expert, Andrew Shevchishin, the depreciation of the dollar in the first week of may due to a lack of demand due to the fact that the population had no money for such expenses.

“But it seems that mezhprazdnichnoe week last week low in the dollar and its stability, will continue to be more expensive. Therefore, those who now buy the currency, by the end of the year, not bad earn on it,” said Shevchishin.