Experts told about the rules for the prevention and treatment of head lice


Specialists shared key rules for the prevention and treatment of head lice. The latter occurs as a result of parasitism on the human body lice, which are not afraid of water and like to live in clean hair.

Специалисты рассказали о правилах профилактики и лечения педикулеза

Catching head lice every risk, especially when in contact with a carrier of lice. There are clothes, head and pubic lice, many of them carry different kinds of fever and typhus. Pests feed every few hours and not like hunger. They lay their eggs, developing in a week and can live up to a month. Head lice are most often found in children.

To reduce the risk of infection, it is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene, regularly change the linen, including bed. The child should be prohibited to use other people’s combs, elastic bands, etc., you Can periodically to see family members, clothes and linen during the period of travel. To deal with head lice promptly, acquiring the appropriate remedy in the pharmacy. Treating the head, you need to rinse it with shampoo and comb out the dead pests. Old clothes and linen should be washed and ironed with an iron, and also check other family members for lice and nits.