Experts told how safe is it to urinate in the shower

Peeing in the shower is often advised to save water. But how safe is it? American experts-urologists told about the possible health effects of this habit.

Эксперты рассказали, насколько безопасно мочиться во время приема душа

According to urologist Stephanie Kilb from northwestern University, the urine of man, in essence, hygienically safe.

“Liquid excretion product consists largely of water and smaller parts of urea, metabolic products of urochrome (it gives the urine a yellowish color), creatinine, and ammonia. If you are taking medications or water-soluble vitamins, their components can also be present in your urine,” — said the expert.

At the same time, studies have shown that bladder bacteria can get into the urine along with the microorganisms living in the intestines and vagina. A healthy person should not worry about it: nothing serious to him this set is not threatened. But if the body contains bacteria that can cause urinary tract infection, or people suffering from disease of the urinary tract, the situation is changing.

“Theoretically, the harmful bacteria from the urine can get into the damaged areas on the skin and cause an infection. In particular, shaving or the use of body scrubs can lead to cracking of the skin and thus to the penetration of bacteria,” said dermatologist Gary Goldenberg of new York school of medicine.

However, the expert is convinced that such infections are possible only in very rare cases.