Experts told how to alleviate the condition of women with menopausal

Approximately 70% of women who entered into menopause are faced with such unpleasant feelings as the tides. About how to alleviate their condition in this transition period in women, said the doctors.

Специалисты рассказали, как облегчить состояние женщин при в период менопаузы

Hot flashes occur in women around the age of 40-55 years. The reason that causes them, lies in changing the hormonal balance of the body. In this period, reduces the quantity of the hormone estrogen. The brain, trying to stimulate his education, makes other systems of the body more intense “drive” the blood through the vessels. For this reason, the woman begins to feel the sudden appearance of heat in the face, neck and chest. At the same time, the heart starts pumping, there is plenty of sweat.

Even some of the unpleasant symptoms that arise during menopause are dryness of the vagina, sudden mood changes, and decreased sex drive.

Many women in this period begin to gain weight. This is as much to blame estrogen, which begin to accumulate in the adipose tissue.

The condition of the particular menopause does not require treatment. Gradually hormonal stabiliziruemost, and all the unpleasant symptoms will go away.

If you tides inconvenience — please contact your gynecologist. Modern medicine has a sufficient amount of hormonal drugs that will help alleviate your condition. In addition to tablets, your doctor may prescribe patches, vaginal rings, creams, IUDs containing hormones.