Experts told how to recognize female alcoholism and overcome it

It is considered that female alcoholism is not treated. This, of course, a fallacy, however, to recognize alcoholism in women do can be very difficult — say the experts who advised spouses addicted to drinking women do not despair. Ways to overcome this problem exist.

Эксперты рассказали, как распознать женский алкоголизм и преодолеть его

Alcoholism is a big problem, alcoholism in women is a real disaster, since the fair sex are suffering from destructive addictions to a greater extent. Plus, female alcoholism can manifest itself not in such explicit form as men’s, therefore, an important step towards overcoming the problem is its timely detection.

Experts say that women who are addicted to alcohol, quickly changing appearance. And, of course, not for the better. Loose skin, yellowness, problems with small vessels (and, consequently, bluish skin), swelling, “asterisk” on the nose and cheeks — this is not a complete list of external signs. But the main thing is changes in behavior. Them, in contrast to external changes, it is impossible to disguise with makeup.

“To understand all psychological aspects of women’s alcoholism, it is difficult for even a qualified specialist. To which the woman more susceptible to alcoholism, still need to walk. Accordingly, the treatment of alcoholism in women can be very very difficult. It is important not to leave the man alone with his problem and try to convey to suffering from alcoholism women the simple truth — vodka will not solve any of its problems” — experts add.