Experts told what not to do before visiting the doctor

Why a doctor is better to go without deodorant and without a manicure? The answer to this question was given by the German medical experts on the portal Focus Online. They told you what else not to do before visiting the doctor.

Эксперты рассказали, чего не стоит делать перед посещением врача

According to experts, some of our habitual actions may affect a physician diagnosis of our condition survey and to create a wrong picture. Ultimately, this may affect the strategy of therapy and the outcome.

So, an hour before the treatment to the doctor should not drink beverages with caffeine, such as coffee, energy drinks or Cola, experts explain. Caffeine can artificially raise blood pressure, and for a long period after its use.

It is also inadvisable to accept funds from colds or the flu a day before visiting the doctor. The medic will be more difficult to determine the true symptoms.

Drink extra water before the urine may lead to decrease results in a literal sense. But from dehydration, the body also not have to suffer because lack of water makes urine more concentrated and dark.

Another bad idea is drinking alcohol 24 hours before test for cholesterol. Alcohol causes an increase in triglycerides that the doctor can perceive the violation of lipid metabolism.

Women should refrain from manicures and nail Polish before the appointment. Longitudinal furrows, white spots or misshapen nails can indicate a serious disease. If all this will be varnished, the doctor just doesn’t notice dangerous symptoms.

When assigned to mammography do not use deodorant the day before. The aluminum in deodorant could falsify the chest x-rays on a mammogram, suggest the experts.