Experts told when and how to raise the retirement age

The main reasons for raising the retirement age, which is increasingly saying the Ukrainian authorities are reducing the number of working-age population and the increasing life expectancy of the population.

Эксперты рассказали, когда и насколько повысят пенсионный возраст

As reports “Today”, the authorities noted that raising the retirement age in Ukraine will take place gradually and no earlier than 5 years, however, experts believe that this process may develop more rapidly.

From 1 April 2020 Ukrainka will be able to retire when they reach the not 59 years earlier, and already half a year later, of 59 years and 6 months.

In addition, from 1 April 2021 age for retirement for men and women will be equal and will be 60 years.

For retirement Ukrainians should have in 2020 at least 27 years of insurance experience, which, incidentally, also increases every year. By 2028, the minimum size of the insurance period for retirement is 35 years.

About the necessity of raising the retirement age for men for the first time, said the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on social policy Galina Tretyakov.

“There is a world Bank study according to which in 2030 in the parameters of the current joint system, we have the pension formula to 40% of retirees. The remaining 60% receive the minimum pension. Raising the retirement age is an inevitable process,” — said Tretyakov.

The reason for raising the retirement age, she believes that in 10 years the state will not be able to provide all pensioners, as the number of able-bodied citizens of the country constantly decreases.

Despite the inevitability of raising the retirement age, according to Tretyakova, it will happen smoothly. That is for 1 month per year, and will start this process from 2023 or 2025.

The official stressed that the bill has not yet passed and, even in the case of its adoption by the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky can veto it.

Previously it was thought that the issue of raising the retirement age for men was closed with the pension reform in 2017, but as the former head of the Pension Fund Viktor Kolbun, solving the problems of today’s pensioners, the reform has added to the problems of the future.

“It was a hidden increase in the retirement age, because many of the current 45-50 year old in 2028 will have the necessary 35 years of experience and they have to work to 63-65 years,” says Kolbun.

That the population of Ukraine is prepared to gradually raise the retirement age, and sure member of the Economic discussion club

“This is a very unpopular measure, remember the protests in France, in Russia. Although the objective, soon there will be enough money for pensions or the Pension Fund or the state budget”, — said the expert.

Expert opinions about what will happen to Ukrainian pensioners further divided.

So Oleg Pendzin sure that the statement about the inevitability of raising the retirement age, announced Galina Tretyakova, agreed with Vladimir Zelensky, but Viktor Kolbun believes that Tretyakov is a great expert in this matter and self-sufficient political figure to make such statements.

Tretyakov considers that this problem should be solved as quickly as possible and at the highest level.

Kolbun said that before 2023-2025 year to expect an increase in the retirement age not necessary, but it sure that will start a more active discussion on this topic.

More pessimistic this question considers Pendzin. He believes that raising the retirement age the government will begin after the adoption of the new Labour code and the law on the sale of land.