Experts told where and what the work is for Ukrainian labour migrants

Because of coronaries in Europe has increased competition between workers and local, but the Ukrainian labour migrants continue to be very popular.

Эксперты рассказали, где и какая работа есть для украинских трудовых мигрантов

This was the “Today” told the experts.

61% of labour migrants in Poland because of coronaries have less work, and 27% were forced to change the scope of activities. With 85% of workers in Poland are citizens of Ukraine.

According to the head of the company “Ukrainian recruiting” Vladislav Shtepa, many Ukrainians have lost their jobs due to the fact that until June 3, worked visa application centres.

The President of the Ukrainian Association of international employment Vasily Voskoboynik said that the Ukrainian labor market will feel the impact of the economic crisis due to pandemic coronavirus. He noted that because of this, more and more Ukrainians want to find a job abroad.

The expert said that more than 90% of Ukrainian labor migrants work in construction, agriculture, service sector, food and processing industry. According to him, the demand for the Ukrainians in these areas will remain very high because the Europeans are considered to be not prestigious and low-paid.

Voskoboynik said that now almost every week to Poland travel Charter with the Ukrainian workers. But he predicted that wages there will remain approximately at the same level as before coronaries.

Expert of labour market Tatyana Pashkina reported that to date, has vacancies for field works in Poland, Finland and Slovakia. According to her, seasonal workers looking for the UK and the Netherlands.

She also noted that in Germany and the Czech Republic a great demand for truckers and factory workers, and in China in researchers.