Exploding cucumber jars are a common problem. How to avoid it

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Exploding jars with Og & oacute; rkami are a common problem. How to avoid it

Og & oacute; rkami are one of the most unstable vegetables in jars. Just make a little mistake during the preparation process and the bank will go wrong.

Sometimes the vegetables get cloudy and their taste deteriorates drastically. There can be many reasons why some jars with cucumbers explode.

Why do jars with cucumbers explode, and how can you avoid it?

Such an accident is usually caused by improper preparation of the main product or non-compliance with the rules of proportion. The correct preparation of the jar also plays a key role.

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For the jars to last a long time, it is not enough to close them correctly. Proper storage of food in jars also plays an important role. Store them in a cool, dark place. Cellars or cold rooms are suitable for this. In hot weather, the risk of food exploding in the jars increases, so be sure to monitor the temperature indoors.

Avoid using metal knives or spatulas to eliminate air bubbles, or steel wool pads to clean the jar.

A thermal shock is characterized by a rupture that extends around the base of the bottom of the jar, sometimes extending upwards. To avoid thermal breakage, avoid sudden changes in temperature, such as forcing hot food into a cold jar, putting a cool jar in hot water, or placing a hot jar on a cool or wet surface. Also remember that previously dropped or knocked jars are more prone to breakage.

When you use old jars that are more than ten years old, you can also expect that when fermenting, you can expect to break the glass.

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