Explosive power banks are recalled in the United States: they crippled people and damaged property

67,000 power banks have been recalled following burns to hands, feet, furniture and floor, according to MiamiHerald.

 Explosive power banks are being recalled in the US: they crippled people and damaged property

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Charging your phone or laptop should not involve handling burnt leather or furniture.
This is why myCharge recalled 67,000 powerbanks last week.

Exact issue as noted in the Security Commission's revocation notice US Consumer Products: “The lithium-ion battery of powerbanks can overheat and ignite, resulting in a fire hazard and burns.”

The warning not only “could overheat,” but also overheated 30 times.

This resulted in “seven injuries, including burns to the upper body, arms, legs and/or feet of users and/or damage to floors, walls and furniture. ate in homes. ”

This applies to seven types of myCharge power supplies:
  • Adventure Mega Model No. AVC20KG-A Codes 2818, 3718, 4018, 4518.
  • Adventure Mega C, model no. AVCQC20KG-A, code 2818.
  • Razor Mega, model no. RZ20KK-A, codes 3818, 4118, 4418, 4918, 1719.
  • < li> Razor Mega C, model # RZQC20KK-A, code 3818.

  • Razor Super, model # RZ24NK-A, code 0319.
  • Razor Super C, model # RZQC24NK-A , codes 3319, 3519.
  • Razor Xtreme, model no. RZPD26BK-A, codes 2818, 3718, 3918.

If you have any of these models , stop using them and contact myCharge.

The company offers an e-voucher for the full purchase price and a 25% redemption bonus on the company's website. Contact myCharge at 888-251-2026, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm ET; email to compliance@mycharge.com; or on the company's website.