Exported food in the suitcase: tourists from Russia disgraced on holiday in Turkey (photo)

Вывозили еду в чемодане: туристы из России опозорились на отдыхе в Турции (фото)

Russian tourists are disgraced at the holiday in Turkey. After a holiday in a hotel on system “All inclusive” tourists more and tried to take home a suitcase full of groceries.

Вывозили еду в чемодане: туристы из России опозорились на отдыхе в Турции (фото)

The incident happened in the resort town of Manavgat (Antalya province), which attracts not only beach lovers but also lovers of sights of Turkey. Hotel does not restrict tourists to eat, but kindly asked not to take food and drinks outside of the restaurant. Russian tourists ignored these rules, and when Vasilevicha asked to open the suitcase, there were products with Breakfast (coffee pods, portion packs of jam), served in the restaurant, fruit, a bottle of mineral water, reports Haberturk.

Food from the tourists seized, and then were allowed to leave the hotel. “We are working on system “all inclusive”. But I guess they (tourists) misunderstand this system, “—said in the administration of the institution.

The hotel staff was reminded that the ban on take-away food is not a whim of the owners of the institution, and an important element of hygiene and sanitation. Turkish hoteliers are not welcome when guests keep food in the rooms, contribute to the emergence of cockroaches in the rooms, and then complain to the staff on the unsanitary conditions and post negative photoactive about staying in a hotel.

We will remind, this summer, the hoteliers in Turkey have once again raised the question of how to work together to abandon the system “all inclusive”.

Photo haberturk.com

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