Expose myths about alcohol, in which I believe most

About the dangers, and even the use of alcohol you may have read many times, and the myths about alcohol you know? Let’s find out what are the most interesting, and whether it has any truth.

Разоблачаем мифы об алкоголе, в которые верят большинство

  • Alcohol increases appetite

Only partly true. 20-30 grams of strong alcohol before a meal do include the mechanisms responsible for digestion. But more serious doses irritate the stomach, fraught with a stomach ulcer and appetite are irrelevant.

  • Alcohol improves sleep

This myth is based on the effect of mild drowsiness after intake of small portions of alcohol. Large doses of alcohol have a stimulating effect, and the quality of sleep is disturbed. So it makes sense to consider the fact that after days of heavy libation, sleep for some time becomes impossible.

  • True-stress

The myth that alcohol helps to relieve stress appeared due to the momentary state of euphoria after drinking alcohol. But as the solution to problems is only possible on a sober head, we can say that this antidote does not work.

  • Drinking and antibiotics

Alcohol is incompatible with antibiotics. This statement is not entirely true. Indeed, alcohol weakens the action of certain antimicrobials and the antibiotics increase the intoxication. But it is much more dangerous to mix booze with the painkillers. It is fraught with damage to the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.

  • Enough health!

It is considered that if a man is able to drink a lot, it shows good health. At the root of the error. People demonstrates that it has reached the second stage of alcoholism and is at risk to be among the half of people who died of sudden death from excessive amounts of alcohol.

  • Alcohol lowers blood pressure

Blood pressure is lowered when taking alcohol. Controversial statement. Yes, small doses of ethanol attenuate the vascular tone. But at the same time increase the heartbeat. And if you add to this the effects of caffeine and others increase the pressure of substances in the composition of many alcoholic beverages from beer to brandy, the effect of relaxing the blood vessels will be lost.

  • Former alcoholics does not happen?

And finally, the myth that alcoholism is curable – not confirmed. You can pause the intake of alcohol if desired, and the assistance of professionals. But the possibility of relapse, even after years of abstinence, has not lost its relevance.