Extend the life and reduce weight famous diet surprised scientists

Fasting can be more than just a hobby, writes Fox News.

Продлит жизнь и уменьшит вес: известная диета удивила ученых

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A new study has shown that people who try a trendy new diet that includes intermittent fasting can actually add years to your life.

There are several types of intermittent fasting diets, but most of them involve either limiting the food intake, only 8-hour window, or refusal to eat for two days a week.

A new study conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University shows that it can help the body to improve metabolism. Although many people use a diet just to lose weight, there may be additional benefits.

Professor mark Mattson, a neuroscientist, studied the effect of diets over two decades (and practiced it for 20 years).

“We are in a transitional stage where we could in the near future to consider adding information about intermittent fasting in the curricula of medical schools along with the standard advice about healthy eating and exercise,” said Mattson.

His results, which were published in the Medical journal New England, show that fasting may cause a “metabolic switch” and evolutionary adaptation. Studies show that in addition to aid in metabolism, fasting also associated with a reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate at rest. It may also help to control blood sugar, increase resistance to stress and suppress inflammation.

Of course, intermittent fasting also has its drawbacks.

“Patients should tell you what the feeling of hunger and irritability is a common phenomenon in the initial stage and usually goes away after two weeks or a month as the body and brain used to the new habit,” explains Mattson.