Extreme cold, snow and ice: 25 by millions of Americans threatens a powerful winter storm

As soon as the winter storm will move from the Midwest to the North-East of the country, millions of Americans will be at risk of snow and cold weather, writes USA Today.

Сильный холод, снег и гололед: 25 миллионам американцев угрожает мощный зимний шторм

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After the snow on Tuesday (February 25) on the plains, a winter storm will be snowed in length 1200 miles (1900 km) from Missouri to Maine from Wednesday to Thursday (Feb 26-27), leading to problems with movement on the roads and closing schools.

On February 25 in Kansas one person was killed, and part of Interstate 70 was closed for several hours after heavy snow caused numerous accidents in the region. Snow was recorded in parts of South Dakota, Nebraska and Eastern Colorado.

As you move the cyclone to the East of the national weather service has issued a warning about winter weather and winter storm in the direction from the Central plains to Northern New England. In the area of notifications about dangerous weather, home to more than 25 million people.

On the storm’s path also are Chicago and Detroit.

However, Chicago may not drop as much snow as originally predicted. Most likely, we can expect precipitation from 2 to 5 inches (5-12 cm), mainly in the first half Wednesday, according to the national weather service. AccuWeather warned that Chicago is still enough snow that the road remained dangerously slippery.

“The corridor where you can fall in 6-12 inches of snow (15-30 cm), moved to the South from Chicago, but can be concentrated in Detroit, Champaign, Illinois, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Toledo, Ohio,” said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Dan Pydynowski.

A more significant deterioration of weather in Chicago,expected strong gusts of wind and the formation of large waves along lake Michigan.

“Winds and strong surges in combination with the record high lake level will exacerbate the already significant erosion of beaches and shorelines”, — said the weather service in Chicago.

According to AccuWeather, as of 27 February with heavy snow cover regions of Northern new York and Northern New England. According to reports the Weather Channel, in the typical snow belts of the Great lakes will drop significantly a lot of snow, since the cyclone will be there from 27 to 29 February.

After the storm passes, the bitter cold and winds will be the main weather feature in most parts of the East. The weather service promises “a cold end of February.”

According to AccuWeather, the wind can be strong enough to lead to accidental power outages.



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