Extreme fire risk in California: a fire destroyed dozens of homes (PHOTO, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Экстремальная пожароопасность в Калифорнии: огонь уничтожил десятки домов (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

In California the third day we issue a warning about extreme fire danger – the wind gusts to 110 km/h and very low humidity. Because of the threat of broken wires that can cause fires, the power company took the unprecedented measure: the power supply has been disconnected hundreds of thousands of homes. But to avoid fires failed.

Lesions broke out in many areas. The fire gets to the settlements, carried out the evacuation of the population. The most difficult situation is in southern California. In Calimesa riverside County has burned at least 73 mobile home. Firefighters are fighting the fire with earth and air involved 6 aircraft and 8 helicopters, according to Stormnews with reference to the channel CBS Los Angeles.

The fire is threatening the Sylmar – suburb of Los Angeles. Here also evacuated residents. Yet without casualties.

In Northern California, firefighters are battling a fire at the town of Moraga County contra Costa. In the danger zone were 140 houses.

According to the service PowerOutage.us 12:30 GMT, in the state without power are 265 million homes. Power outages pose serious challenges to residents in everyday life. In the houses you can not use electrical appliances (fridges, cookers, computers, TVs, smartphone, etc.), not functioning elevators. In the de-energized stores can’t buy products that need cooling. Canceled classes in schools.

In many communities in the dark there is no street lighting, and in the afternoon there are problems on the roads due to traffic signals. So, at intersections in the city of Santa Rosa SONOMA County has had many accidents. Injured 5 people. Drivers are urged to reduce speed and be very careful.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the extreme weather conditions in California will continue for at least another two days.