Extreme winter storm in U.S.: 10 people died, 60 million are in danger

The death toll has risen to 10 as a result of accidents related to winter weather, and almost 60 million are in the areas of warnings about dangerous weather: a large part of the Midwest and Eastern United States was struck by a powerful winter storm with snow and ice.

Экстремальный зимний шторм в США: 10 человек погибли, 60 миллионов в опасности

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It was reported on 4 dead in Missouri, 3 in Nebraska, 2 in Indiana and 1 in Kansas, notes USA Today. The national weather service has issued guidelines for winter weather — expected hazardous conditions for more than 53 million people and warnings about winter storms for another 6 million.

A storm warning means among other things that was awaiting them, at least 4 inches (10 cm) of snow or a quarter inch (0.6 cm) of ice.

Missouri got most of all: snow from the first storm forced the highway patrol of the state to handle more than 1,000 calls about stuck on the roads, motorists and the incident of a car accident on Sunday. According to the authorities, on Sunday night, 3 people were killed when the driver lost control and the vehicle overturned in the district of Saint-françois in the Eastern part of the state.

Экстремальный зимний шторм в США: 10 человек погибли, 60 миллионов в опасности

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In the County of Callaway’s gonna 18-year-old teenager was killed when his car left on the side of the road mo 94 and overturned.

On the second Monday winter storm have forced the public schools of St. Louis to cancel classes for 30,000 students, and tens of thousands of children across the state also received a sudden leave because of the weather. More than 300 flights were delayed or cancelled on Sunday and Monday at the international airport Saint Louis Lambert.

“We expect that today will again be heavy snowfall in some parts of East Central Missouri and southwestern Illinois, said the national weather service in St. Louis. — This includes St. Louis and the surrounding area from approximately 9:00 to 18:00”.

The level of snow in parts of Kansas reached a foot (30 cm). The transport Department said that 21-year-old man died Sunday after his pickup truck overturned on an icy road in Wichita.

In Nebraska in the crash Sunday on highway 80 northeast of Lincoln, died 3 passengers under the age of 10, 15 and 19 years.

In Indiana a woman and her adult son died after a night of snowfall, police said. The snow prompted school leaders in Indianapolis to delay the start of classes in schools for 30,000 children. Meteorologist National weather service Mike Ryan gave to understand that the storms are not over.

“By late evening we are talking about an extra 3-4 inches (or 7.6-10 cm), said Ryan on Monday. Is on top of the 3-4 that we already had. There may be pockets in size from 6 to 7 inches (of 15.2-17.7 cm)”.

According to AccuWeather, of the North-East, which did not touch the first snow storm, may suffer from the second, stronger. The main centers of Northern PA and most of upstate new York toward New England.

“Probably in the North-East will also be a narrow strip of snow 6 to 12 inches (of 15.2-30.5 cm), but uncertainty remains in terms of where it will happen,” said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Rob Miller.

Экстремальный зимний шторм в США: 10 человек погибли, 60 миллионов в опасности

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In downtown Washington, began the morning’s snow and sleet before precipitation turned to rain. Surrounding areas are faced with snow, sleet and messy driving conditions by late morning. The officials of public schools Manassas city delayed their opening by two hours and promised to “monitor the conditions and make a further announcement about the status of the school in case of need”.

Further South strong winds and rain are aimed at Western Tennessee, Western Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama and will threaten Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi, according to AccuWeather.

“These storms can cause wind gusts, torrential rain, hail and even one or two isolated tornadoes, said AccuWeather meteorologist Brandon Buckingham. — These threats will continue for some time in the evening, becoming even more dangerous in the dark.”