Facebook removed the campaign is trump because of Nazi symbols

The company Facebook has announced that it has removed advertising of the election headquarters of President Donald trump, containing the symbol used in Nazi Germany, writes the BBC.

Facebook удалил предвыборную рекламу Трампа из-за нацистской символики

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Banners in the official pages of the President and Vice-President Mike Pence, used a red triangle with a vertex facing down. In the Nazi concentration camps, a sign sewn on the uniform of political prisoners, particularly Communists.

Headquarters, trump said that it is a symbol of the leftist movement “Antifa”, which the President accused of organizing protests against racism in the police and provoke violence during these shares.

Independent observers say that the “anti-fascists” in the United States is not functioning as a single organization, her participation in protests and riots after the murder of George Floyd unobtrusive. In addition, the “anti-fascist” often uses a different emblem.

“We do not allow symbols that represent the organization or ideology that preaches hatred, without context or judgment,” — said the head of network security Facebook the Nathaniel Gleicher.

The blurb said: “a Dangerous crowd of far-left factions running around our streets and destroy everything on their way,” quoted the New York Times. The banner hung for about a day.

“An inverted red triangle is a symbol used by “anti-fascists”, and so it was included in the advertising about “anti-fascists”, — said the representative of the headquarters of the trump Tim Marcog. In Facebook still have emojis in the form of an inverted red triangle; it looks exactly the same”.

Some left-wing anti-fascist groups in Europe, such as Germany and the UK in recent years has really taken this character, like, for example, LGBT activists have appropriated the pink triangle was used in concentration camps for homosexuals.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • On 27 may, the President of the United States Donald trump has accused Twitter of meddling in the presidential campaign after the message has been marked with the arrow on the audit of the statements of the President. The mark in the form of a blue exclamation point with reference to alternative information Twitter puts in the messages, which the company believes may contain false statements.
  • 28 may trump signed the Executive decree, which, according to the White house, will allow to regulate the activities of social networks and deprive them of protection against allegations of defamation. Trump later wrote in the same Facebook post, as noted by the referee on Twitter. In this network, the message no marks attached. The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that does not want his company took over the functions of arbitrator of truth. He opposed the tightening of control over social networks in the United States.


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