Facebook sued for antitrust authorities of the EU

Facebook подала иски на антимонопольные органы ЕС

Facebook decided to sue the EU authorities

Corporation Facebook accused Brussels of infringement of personal data of their employees.

American Corporation Facebook sued for antitrust authorities of the EU due to the possible infringement on personal information of their employees. On Monday, July 27, reported the press service of the company.

From 2019, the EU has launched a number of investigations in respect of the Corporation. One of them is focused on the array data, and the other belonging to her virtual shopping area that is for sale use 800 million users in 70 countries.

The company in the intervening period at the request of Brussels gave the European Commission (EC) 315 thousand documents, totaling 1.7 million pages.

“The extremely broad nature of the requests of the EC means that we would have to pass mainly irrelevant documents that are irrelevant to the Commission’s investigation. They, in particular, would include highly sensitive personal information regarding medical records of employees of private financial papers and personal information about the members of their families,” said Deputy General counsel on competition issues in Facebook Tim lamb.

“We believe that such requests should be reviewed by the courts of the EU,” he added.

In addition to the two lawsuits against the European Commission the company Facebook has also appealed to the European court of General jurisdiction with the requirement to freeze the transfer of documents to Brussels before a verdict according to the complaints.

Possible violations of Facebook in relation to the protection of personal data of users investigating the Federal trade Commission. Other investigation against the IT giant holds a Commission with the US securities and exchange Commission.

The U.S. justice Department, in turn, which examines deals Facebook c business partners (such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Sony) for the transfer of data about users. In total, over 150 companies have received from Facebook data on users of the social network – in part without their knowledge and consent.

Source: Russian service of Deutsche Welle