Facebook takes a “very radical” position, according to Pablo Rodriguez

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Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez says Facebook is “taking a 'very radical' stance in trying to intimidate Canadians,” and accuses the Conservatives of siding with the American megacorporation.

“I don't think it's going to work, Canadians won't allow themselves to be imposed. They tried the same method in Australia,” Rodriguez said in a scrum Wednesday morning. could be removed from the platform if the government goes ahead with its law proposing to redistribute the profits raised at the expense of the media.

This was what happened in Australia when the government passed a law similar to the one Ottawa wants to pass. The backlash in public opinion had contributed to Facebook reinstating the blocked pages.

“My position is that they have my phone, my door is always open, it has always been my philosophy. If they want to talk, I'm ready to talk. The hand is outstretched,” said Mr. Rodriguez.

Mr. Rodriguez would not comment on how the federal government would react if Facebook followed through on its threats.

A slew of Liberal MPs came out on Tuesday to denounce Meta's behavior in this file.

Liberal MP Chris Bittle said that Facebook would “shoot itself in the foot” if it decided to remove Canadian media content.