Facebook will handle user complaints in a new way: what will change

Facebook будет рассматривать жалобы пользователей по-новому: что изменится

On Tuesday, September 17, the world’s largest social network Facebook to remove hundreds of Ukrainian pages, groups and accounts with millions of subscribers, has announced that it will soon begin the work of the independent monitoring body. His main task will be consideration of complaints of users on illegal content removal. The company Mark Zuckerberg intends to attract towards the idea of about 40 experts from different countries of the world.

The Supervisory body is planned to appoint to three years. Then experts will have to change. The names of the first of them will be known before the end of this year. Every complaint is reviewed by a team of five experts. Their decision will be binding on and shall come into force as soon as possible. However, the leadership of Facebook in some cases, may refuse to restore one or the other of the content if it considers that it violates the law of the country in which it was posted, and then deleted.

First plans to create such a Supervisory body, Zuckerberg said in 2018. The experts should start work in early 2020. Western media believe that the founder and head of Facebook seeks to improve the company’s image in the eyes of the user, and in the eyes of the authorities. Over 15 years of existence, the social network has been the target of criticism and litigation.

We will remind, in the beginning of 2018 became aware of the largest in the history of the Facebook leak personal data. Cambridge Analytica illegally collected personal information about 87 millions of users of social networks. These data were passed on to third parties, including the campaign headquarters of Donald trump, who in 2016 he ran for President of the United States and won. Trump’s assistants used the information to target the distribution of political advertising. In the summer of 2019 Facebook was fined a record $ 5 billion.

In September of 2019, several us States has started antitrust investigations against the company Zuckerberg. Authorities want to find out whether Facebook had abused its dominant position on the market.

Possible violations Facebook in relation to the protection of personal data of users, is also investigating the Federal trade Commission (FTC) of the United States. Speech first of all goes about the promises the company gave back in 2011, signing with the Agency a separate agreement. Facebook and representatives of the FTC, according to the Commission, negotiating the payment of a fine. The amount of penalties range from one to several billion dollars. But it is possible that the case will be transferred to the court.

But most of all, Zuckerberg daunted by the prospect of splitting his company. The market value of Facebook is at the moment $ 400 billion. The company over the past few years bought the popular Instagram and Whatsapp. Zuckerberg announced plans to merge their databases so that each user of Facebook wants it or not, was automatically to Instagram and WhatsApp, and Vice versa. All this is not like the Antimonopoly Committee of the USA. Many influential politicians are calling for Facebook to share how it was once done with Microsoft. Support the idea and power of several European countries.

The concern with a market value of almost 400 billion dollars and half a billion daily users, it seems a growing number of politicians in the United States is too large. In particular, the representative of the Democratic party, Elizabeth Warren decided to run for President, recently openly called for division of the company, which owns a network of

After the announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the intention to integrate together the three main platforms of the group in a single service only strengthened the desire of his opponents to split the group apart.

But in Europe, Facebook is enough trouble. Irish Commission for personal data protection, which in fact assumed the task to represent the interests of the countries — members of EU in questions of IT, leads directly 10 cases against Facebook, told DW at the Commission. It specified that the seven cases are conducted against the same social networks, even two against Whatsapp, one against Instagram.

The main complaint of the Department to the company, violations of “transparency” in handling personal information, and violation of the new uniform EU regulation on the protection of personal data, which entered into force in may 2018.

Have Facebook have also encountered problems with the European Commission, which fined in may 2017 American company for $ 110 million, accusing it of providing false information when buying a WhatsApp messenger in 2014. High the amount of the fine must have a frightening effect for companies reporting false information in the course of the merger procedure, then said EU Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager of.

Stand against Facebook and the authorities of individual countries — EU members. In February 2019 of the Federal Antimonopoly Department of Germany has restricted the right of Facebook to bring together user data from different online platforms. The company appealed this decision, the case will now be considered in the second instance court in düsseldorf, explained to DW in the Department. In Facebook did not comment on the situation.

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