Facials & distance: American airlines has announced new security rules for passengers

All major U.S. airlines have announced that from now on passengers will be required to wear medical masks and without them on Board now will not let anyone. This is stated in the video “voice of America”.

Маски для лица и дистанция: американские авиакомпании объявили новые правила безопасности для пассажиров

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However, there are exceptions, for example, for children. All the rest to remove the mask in the cabin is permitted only in case of need to drink water or eat.

About the policy of mandatory face masks on during the flight, the first in the United States announced the airline jetBlue, soon this initiative was joined by several leading airlines of the United States.

The mask is now mandatory not only for passengers but also for crew members. And that’s not all, airlines are taking other steps to safe transportation of passengers in coronavirus times.

“We started with enhanced cleaning and disinfection of the entire aircraft. This procedure kills all viruses on contact, in addition, a few months ago we introduced a new medical certification for our passengers and announced that all will be required to wear masks,” — said General Director of the airline Frontier Airlines Barry Biffle.

With the beginning of the pandemic, most airlines temporarily canceled flights, and those that continued to fly, was half-empty. However in recent times, whether people are tired of the isolation, then the crisis began to subside, but began to appear more and more pictures with crowded planes, where passengers are neither social distancing are not met, no masks are not worn.

Here’s how describes his recent flight the passenger of Prince’s Johnson: “I had a feeling of claustrophobia, because the free space in the plane. If someone was sick, we would all have it, too”.

But on a different route, it was different, Mike Ricci are all happy.

“Wonderful flight, not many people were on the plane, flight attendants took care that everything was at a distance from each other. I would be down again,” says Richie.

Representatives of the airlines, including SouthWest, have stated that their aircraft before flight are full cleaning of the electrostatic disinfectant that kills viruses.

Also for reasons of limitations of contact between passengers and crew members, the airline cancelled the sale of snacks and drinks on Board. And some airlines have stopped selling tickets for mid-sized venues, to ensure greater distance.

In Frontier there is a possibility to pay extra $39 per ticket, to ensure that the middle seat will be empty for sure.

“In the last month, we blocked off every other row of seats so that the passengers sat in one, other airlines block a middle seat, but they do not guarantee, therefore, we have introduced a fee to guarantee that the middle seat beside you will not be occupied,” says Biffl.

Airline Frontier will receive a budget of US $170 million in the framework adopted in March of a law on economic support of business in connection with the crisis due to the coronavirus. And this is how the company will help to cover the losses, not only due to limited passenger numbers, but new restrictive measures



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