Faded neck 55-year-old Monica Bellucci reminded the fans about the true age of the actress

As a rule, Monica Bellucci delights fans with her ageless beauty, but in the recent photos from Rome, the actress seemed very tired and looked your true age.

Увядшая шея 55-летней Моники Беллуччи напомнила поклонникам об истинном возрасте актрисы

Recently Monica Bellucci caught in the lens of the paparazzi leaving his apartment in Rome. While she was walking to the car, took a picture of the ubiquitous reporters. Monica chose a black pantsuit and a blouse with polka dots. In the hand of a celebrity holding a big bag. Casual total black bow it complemented sunglasses.

However, some fans noted that Bellucci is looking very tired and pensive. On the other hand, can be counted on the fingers of those who in the morning goes outside flourishing and full of energy. However, in the eyes of the users of the Network rushed the skin of the actress. Not the best view instantly showed the main “problem area” of a celebrity. Flabby neck Monica forced to recall that the actress is 55 years old.

Fans of the actress got even more upset when I saw a glossy photo that the actress posted to Instagram. On retouched photos neck Bellucci seems perfectly smooth, without the slightest signs of aging.