Fainting during shows: too few water refill stations at the FEQ

Fainting during shows: too few water charging stations at the FEQ


In the era of eco-responsibility, festival-goers have very few options for refilling their water bottle at the Festival d’été de Québec. Worse still, music buffs risk dehydration in queues to see their idols while charging stations are non-existent outside show sites.

Interviewed yesterday at the entrance to the Plains of Abraham site, Rébecca Therrien and Émilie Beaulieu, two girls accustomed to large crowds, said that the situation was far from funny on Friday and Saturday since several festival-goers were evacuated on stretchers because 'they were suffering from dehydration.

“It was dropping like flies,” they say. Rébecca Therrien was present on Saturday for the Maroon 5 show. She explains that once on the site in front of the stage, Festival employees gave out bottles of water to avoid the carnage.

For her part, Émilie Beaulieu, who frequents festivals a lot, calls for refueling points and mobile stations.

Water charging stations are rather rare on the festival sites.

“At Luke Combs it was also very hot, but there was no water nearby except on the site. The water is not that accessible,” she says. 

She cites the FestiVoix de Trois-Rivières as an example, where a walking bicycle rides on the wharf and in the queue to refill water bottles.

Pay vending machines are set up in the alley near the entrance to the Place des Grands Spectacles, but they are not very popular.

It's that people who arrived very early to s sure to see the stars up close don't want to lose their place. 

Paying vending machines are available at the entrance to the Plains site.

The Journal takes the test

The Journal went to the FEQ site and it is clear that the water refill stations cannot be found. Unless you go to a paying site to see a show.

In the queue at the Parc de la Francophonie, it was impossible to get water.

In fact, an attendant confirmed that the situation was problematic. She advises festival-goers to wait at the entrance to the venues before getting rid of their bottles, which are prohibited inside. is not necessary, the terminals are also non-existent.

As there is usually no queue, however, it is easy to buy water and go back to your seat.

Marianne Carrier, Émilie Beaulieu, Rébecca Therrien and Marc-Frédéric Fiset are in the queue on the Plains, but cannot resupply water.


Girls working at a beer stand near the stage hear criticism from people looking for watering holes.

The employees also had a container of 4 liters of water, for their own consumption, in an evening which promised to be very humid.

On the VIP terrace, behind the Armoury, always impossible to find a charging point.

And yet, when we enter the site, the security employees kindly ask to empty our water bottle, but once on the terrace, nothing. To stay hydrated, you will have to pay and consume an extra plastic container.

Do without it or buy it

Same thing on the Grande Allée, no place to get water. Walkers and cyclists must do without or buy them.

The Festival d'été de Québec did not respond to our request for an interview before going to press yesterday.

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