Faith Cecelia shared with fans of mystical history

His inexplicable story in his exclusive comments to LITE shared Ukrainian singer, participant of the “Women’s Quarter” Faith Cecelia. According to the singer, one day she and her husband Roman have been paranormal story creeps up on the skin. That is logically impossible to explain.

Вера Кекелия поделилась с поклонниками мистической историей

“We have with Romka was one experience. Roma then lived in a Forest (ed – a residential area in Kiev) and loved to walk near a beautiful lake. To get there you have to walk through the forest, and then through the cemetery. And then one day on the way to the lake, we walked down the path, and examined the monuments, because it is also the history of the people to whom you cannot be indifferent,” — says Cecilia.

“We walked on the lake, had a great time and came home. The night after that day me and Roma was very restless. This morning when I woke up I told him I spent the night with the feeling that we have in the apartment is someone in there. Roma have had the same feeling. Maybe we all think, but we tied it with a walk through the cemetery yesterday. I don’t know if readers believe this, but I think that night someone had went with us and came to our home. We without fear, with love, said this soul thank you, that she visited our house and that she must go. The following night we passed quietly”, — summed up the singer.