Fake cop, but real serial abuser

Fake cop, but real serial abuser


A serial sex offender who tricked his victims into posing as a police officer to better abuse them pleaded guilty on Monday, facing a lengthy prison sentence.

“Yes,” stammered Mohamad Abdool Koheeallee Monday at the Montreal courthouse, when he was asked if he recognized the facts against him.

Just before, Koheeallee remained silent as the Crown recounted the four sexual assaults he committed in 2019 and 2020.

Each time, the attacker targeted escorts he found on online ad sites. After writing to them, he arranged a meeting. And once the victim was there, he would invent a scenario to attack her.

“He shows her a police badge, telling her that the exchange of sexual services for remuneration is illegal and that she is exposing herself to legal problems, ”explained Me Anna Levin, of the Crown, speaking of the case of one of the victims.

Close your eyes

Threatening the escort to take her to the police station “and that she will have expensive legal fees to pay”, the fake policeman then offered to close the eyes, in exchange for a sexual service.

In another case, Koheeallee pretended he was an investigator, showing off a badge of the “Montreal Urban Community”, a term that has not existed since 2001. Despite everything, he managed to put enough pressure on the escort to sexually assault her on several occasions “in order not to proceed to her arrest”.

“The individual will let her leave a little further”, added Mr. Levin.

He did it again a few months later, but the victim managed to escape.

Police complaints were filed and thanks to distinctive traits, Koheeallee eventually been arrested. And following the media coverage of the case, another victim came forward.

“She recognized her attacker in the photo accompanying an article [in the Journal] reporting her arrest,” reads the summary of the facts.

He avoids a long trial

Detained since, the fake policeman spared no effort to be released, in vain. His trial was to begin on Monday, for two weeks, but he finally cut the judicial process short. 

He instead pleaded guilty to eight counts, including falsely committing impersonating a police officer, as well as sexual assault and threatening.

Koheeallee will return to court at the end of the summer for sentencing. In the meantime, he will undergo a sexological evaluation, in order to guide the court on the sentence he should receive.

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