False good ideas

False good ideas


As the school holidays begin, the idea of ​​creating a professional order for teachers resurfaces in parallel with the appointment of the National Student Ombudsman.

I I don't know what event has brought to the surface this idea, which has been rejected on many occasions by the teaching staff. challenges facing education.

British Columbia and Ontario are the only jurisdictions in the world where there is a professional college for teachers and their education systems are none the better for it.

The subject leaves no one indifferent and makes people talk as I find myself by the Gaspé coast with Marcel Bulliard, a former school inspector in Switzerland, Paula Duguay, ex-teacher in adult education and founder of Maman va à school, and Pauline Ladouceur, remedial teacher and ex-visiting professor at UQAM.

The three protagonists are against the creation of such an order while believing that effective mechanisms should be developed to solve the problems that shake education.

One thing is certain, it is not in the midst of a shortage of teaching staff and by paving the way in disregard for their work that we will improve commitment!< /p>

Do differently

At the Swiss friend, it is the school management who acts as quasi-syndic and who ensures the competence of its teaching staff by taking into account the environment in which it operates. As for the school inspector, he ensures that the directors live up to their mandate.

The role of parents in the Swiss school system is minimal and does not extend to the pedagogical act.

As for Paula Duguay, a Gaspé native, a retired teacher who continues to work for the development of education, we must stop putting undue pressure on the teaching staff, properly reframe parents in their role and count on the support from a competent management staff.

As for Pauline Ladouceur, winner of an international prize in education, she does not favor the creation of a professional order, but she was tired of seeing 'other professionals invade his field of practice.

She would like better regulations to curb this trend and consistent leadership from school administrators to resituate the importance of teaching staff in the educational process.


The best education systems are in countries where the notoriety of teaching staff is high.

In Finland, teachers enjoy a high ranking in the Finnish social order.< /p>

For a long time among the Swiss, the teacher of the commune found himself in the top three as leader of the commune.

By recognizing their expertise and stopping telling them what to do anyone, young teachers may be less prone to professional desertion.

In the meantime, we have all the tools to ensure the competence of the teaching staff, let's not add no more and make adequate use of those that exist.

False good ideas