Familiar and healthy foods can contain poisons

According to experts, even natural products, such as vegetables and fruits may contain substances acting on the body as a poison. These natural toxins can be the cause of various diseases.

Привычные и здоровые продукты могут содержать в себе яды

The micro-toxins. They are among the most hazardous chemicals. To the formation of micro-toxins are fungal formations, and most of all the micro-toxins found in food from crops and nuts.

These poisons, according to available data, can be a factor in the development of cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, decrease immunity.

The solanine. All seen green potatoes. So green appears to him as a result of exposure to direct sunlight that causes the secretion of chlorophyll. When greening in potatoes is the solanine toxin. The ingestion of solanine in the body can cause gastric disorders, obstruction in the respiratory organs, miscarriages.

During cleaning have potatoes on green areas need a thicker layer to avoid accidental ingestion of the poison. Experts also note that cooking vegetables are steamed or in boiling water allows to reduce the content of solanine in them 40%.

Cyanogenic glucosides. These substances could have a negative impact on the thyroid gland, contribute to a goiter. They contain, for example, and useful vegetables — cabbage, radishes, celery. At the same time, their boiling eliminates chemicals that can give toxic effect.

Nitrates. Such substances as nitrates are often added to meat to increase shelf life. But they can also contained in natural foods for example are present in spinach, beets, cereal crops, radishes.

Studies have shown that the stomach from entering the body of nitrates and nitrites, nitrosamines are formed, which can contribute to the processes leading to the development of cancer.