Familiar foods that are banned in the United States

The author of the blog “anti-stress” Yandex Zen went to a friend in the US and was surprised. The products that we use every day, they are prohibited.

Привычные нам продукты, которые запрещены в США

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Once again I was sent on a business trip abroad (work aspects). No, you do not think I complain, I like it and I’m not bad at English. After a long flight, I stopped at a friend’s for a few days. He lived in America for more than 6 years, there not bad earns, to be honest.

And before flying home, we would watch football over a glass of something stronger. I remembered that he had brought for his daughter a gift — a whole box of kinder. A friend just ofigel from such a gift, and the daughter just could not understand what it is.

Then he explained that in the United States banned the sale of kinder and a number of other products that we can use in Russia without problems.

Products that are banned in the US

1. Kinder surprise

The government banned the sale of this product, has led to the fact that food cannot be a foreign object that is not edible.

Привычные нам продукты, которые запрещены в США

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By the way I searched the Internet for the issue and found that the ban was lifted in 2017. But the strange thing is though allowed to sell, but on the shelves of this stock.

2. Shark fins

Fins of sharks are used for cooking soup. The soup was so popular that the shark population has decreased several times. Poachers catch sharks, cut the fins, and released into the sea.

It is worth noting that few sharks have survived without fins, as well the blood could have come the other fish and just eat the shark.

3. Milk

Привычные нам продукты, которые запрещены в США

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No, You do not think that banned all milk. Banned in the USA only the milk that has not passed, processing, and pastoralization. The Americans can’t leave, how we market and buy my grandmother a bottle of milk.

Although you can buy milk from the market is not worth, basically, the product is in plastic bottles and we know where they are taking them.

4. Plum Mirabelle

Yellow plum, with a very delicate and sweet taste. In Russia it can be found in many suburban areas and without problems it has, but not in the United States.

Although a huge proportion of cultivation are to / from France, about 60-70% of the total world cultivation.

5. Puffer Fish

Привычные нам продукты, которые запрещены в США

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It is this kind of fish which is very poisonous. If you cut it wrong, then the situation is deplorable.

Although it is not prohibited, but try I wouldn’t. So why take the risk?

6. Beluga Caviar

It is no wonder that put a ban on the production and consumption of caviar from Beluga. USA at the time, ate a lot, which caused a reduction of Belugas by 90% .

This information I learned from a friend in America. Of course we may find that some of the prohibitions it is very trivial. But to some extent they are right, you need to care about the world around us. So I came home and now I know what gifts will not carry friend in the United States.