Familiar to many illness brings heart attacks and strokes

A major study involving 500,000 people showed another danger of insomnia. Chronic sleep deficit is much increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Знакомый многим недуг приближает инфаркты и инсульты

Here’s a bad news, which some of us may lose sleep. But it will be especially unpleasant for those who have already serious problems with the night’s rest. Chinese researchers conducted observations with the participation of almost 500,000 people, which showed that victims of insomnia are more frequent heart attacks and strokes. It is proved that chronic insomnia brings these serious cardiovascular disease by 25%. This is another study that connects sleep disturbances with a range of severe health disorders.

Science has known that insomnia, which affects, according to the most conservative estimates, one in three adults, alters the functionality of our body. Sleep is necessary to restore all systems, it provides energy and refreshes the skin. In addition, sleep is important for normal functioning of the immune and cardiovascular systems, which also requires rest. Without the rest of the system fail. Insomnia increases blood pressure and disturbed metabolism, and it is a well-known risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Observing a group of several hundred thousand people of Chinese researchers have carried out within 10 years. The average age of participants follow-up was 51 years, earlier they did not have heart problems. Found that the more often people are faced with insomnia, the higher was the likelihood of subsequently becoming victims of heart attacks and strokes. Within 10 years there were 130 032 a similar case.