Family found 20 kilos of cocaine worth $600 000 on the beach in South Carolina

Family during a vacation in South Carolina found on the beach 20 packages of cocaine. The value of the findings is estimated at $600 000. About it writes Yahoo!News.

Семья обнаружила 20 кг кокаина стоимостью $600 000 на пляже в Южной Каролине

Photo: Depositphotos

The family was walking along the beach on the island Fripp island (SC), a popular tourist location, near Georgia, and came across an unknown object in the water.

According to police, the man was removed from the water, “a big black thing.” When he opened the catch, then saw several large and densely populated packages. When cut open one of the packages with a knife, found a white powder.

The man called the police at about 23:56 and gave the authorities his find. Inside the package was cocaine. Experts have estimated its cost at $600 000. The total weight of the packages amounted to about 20 pounds.