Family of Virginia found on the road bag with a million dollars

A family from Virginia who are tired of self-isolation during a pandemic coronavirus, decided to go on a car trip on Saturday, may 16. On the way, they came across two bags, which turned out to be a rather large amount of money — about a million dollars, says Fox News.

Семья из Вирджинии нашла на дороге сумку с миллионом долларов

Photo: Shutterstock

In almost a Hollywood plot twist, David and Emily schanz County Caroline found the bag lying in the middle of the street when traveling in the car with their children. Family pickup truck drove through something that they thought was garbage. But after the car stopped, the couple found that under the wheels was bags similar to mail bags.

The family decided to take them home and try to find the owner or pass to the police. Only once home, the husband and wife opened the bags and found them literally stuffed with cash.

“Inside the bags were plastic bags, and on them was written something like “cash vault,” said David schantz.

Making an unexpected discovery, the family appealed to the County Sheriff’s office.

“We could not keep what does not belong to us,” said Emily.

His house the police arrived, made an inventory of the money and a full inventory of the contents of the bags.

County Sheriff Caroline Scott Moser said the authorities have identified, which was supposed to sent the money, but, reportedly, the police are still trying to figure out how the bags got on the road.

Moser did not give more details, but said the recipients would cost to pass on to the Trenches of financial reward for their efforts.

“Their actions deserve, he said. They have saved someone a lot of money and become a good example for everyone else.”