Family Sufi said that they re-open their restaurant (PHOTOS)

Семья Суфи заявила, что они снова открывают свой ресторан  (ФОТО)

Family from Toronto, this week became known in connection with the decision to close their business in a targeted campaign of persecution, was planning to re-open his family business on Friday.

Owner’s Soufi’Hussam al-Sufi made this statement near the famous Syrian restaurant together with the founder and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, Mohamad Famicom.

Yesterday Faqih, whose serving middle Eastern cuisine food network that began with one restaurant in MISSISSAUGA, and now has more than 60 outlets across the country, has publicly offered to help the family of al-Sufi re-open his restaurant.

“We will work together to not let this business be closed,” Fakih told reporters on Wednesday evening, standing near Soufi’s.

“This house should not lose its lucrative, thriving business because of intimidation and hatred.”

A wave of messages full of hatred against Soufi’s, presumably, provoked a video showing how the restaurant owner’s son participated in the protest near the building, where last weekend took place a rally in support of the leader of the national party of Canada Maxim Bernier in Hamilton .

In the video, which has now become very popular in the network, you can see protesters wearing masks to block the path of the 81-year-old woman, shouting: “get Off our streets, Nazi scum!”

One of the protesters in this group representatives of several right-wing and anti-immigrant communities in Facebook found out a family member Sufi.

The founder of the Syrian restaurant, famous for its cakes and sweet cakes with kanafeh, announced Tuesday that they, unfortunately, have to close, “to ensure the safety of [his] family and staff.”

The owners of the restaurant filed a police report an official complaint about death threats and the police of Toronto is currently conducting an investigation.

“We take this matter very seriously,’ said the police constable, Toronto Rob Reid The Star reporters on Wednesday. And we are glad that the family finally decided to announce it”.