Famous Ukrainian basketball player in a coma after falling off his bike

Известный украинский баскетболист впал в кому после падения с велосипеда

Famous Ukrainian basketball player, a Dunker and a member of the all-star game super League Sergey Myasoedov was in a coma. On it informs a site of Federation of basketball of Ukraine. You can also buy basketball hoops,  as explained here.

It is reported that on the morning of 16 may, 25-year-old athlete fell off his bike. He almost immediately turned to one of the hospitals of Zaporizhia with a complaint of severe pain in the clavicle. However, in the hospital Sergey Myasoedov lost consciousness and fell into a coma. Doctors diagnosed Myasoedova intracranial hematoma.

“The situation is very serious. Today at 12:00 was made by computed tomography. Fortunately, analysis showed that the hematoma has not increased, but the condition is very serious. It all depends on the next few days. We connected the leadership of the city, which helps. Great hopes on the young body of Sergei, who needs to withstand the load,” – commented the President of the Zaporozhye Federation of basketball Valery Elkinson.

Sergey Myasoedov, nicknamed “mosquito” – the repeated participant and winner of slam dunk contests the high-level participated in the all-Star game super League and other competitions of high level. In the Highest basketball League in Ukraine on 25-year-old forward played for “Zaporozhye-2”, “Invasport” from the Dnepr and Zaporozhye “metallurg”.