Fans buy front row seats to protest Kyrie Irving posts

Fans buy front row seats to protest posts by Kyrie Irving


As Kyrie Irving continues to reject the anti-Semitic label, several fans wearing T-shirts calling for combating this hate speech snagged seats in the front row of the Brooklyn Nets game against to the Indiana Pacers, in order to send a strong message to the star.

The latter, clearly visible in many photos and also wearing yarmulkes, did not leave the indifferent player, while the latter gave them a thumbs-up sign of support, according to TMZ.

The New York Post , for his part, was able to speak with one of the members of the group who expressed his opposition to Irving's remarks. Their take on the star's alleged gesture of support is quite different here.

“He told us he was grateful to see us there…but in a very sarcastic tone,” explains one of the admirers to the New York daily.

He also added that “Fight Antisemitism”, displayed on the t-shirt, was above all a message addressed to the Brooklyn Nets team. He and his associates are calling on the franchise to cut ties with Kyrie Irving.

As a reminder, this militant action follows the publications on social networks and comments made by the NBA star these days. 

It all started with a post on Twitter promoting a film with hateful and anti-Semitic theories.

The anti-Semitic and controversial post of Kyrie Irving.

While the NBA – like the Brooklyn team through the voice of its owner, Joe Tsai – has condemned all forms of anti-Semitism, the controversy still rages, even as the Nets experienced a complicated start to the season with two wins and five losses.