Fans called Polyakov “our Lady Gaga”

Olya Polyakova continues to rock dance floors and concert venues with his new hit single, “Hey wait a Second” in the spirit of “disco 90”. Note that the premiere of this hit took place recently during the capital’s concert “Evening Prime with Katya Osadchaya” (held on November 12 in the capital’s “Ukraine Palace”).

Поклонники назвали Полякову «нашей Леди Гагой»

Then Olga and presented to the public a long-awaited new. Now, the Ukrainian Queen of the night tries to be more possible to imagine a new hit. And one of the best venues for this — undoubtedly the live show dancing with the stars 2019.

Note that the 13th TV show dancing with the stars 2019 took place last night, November 17. Parquet on the results of the audience vote left one of the favorites of the project — Vladimir Ostapchuk and Ilona Gvozdova. Which, of course, very upset fans of the couple.

It was during the 13th air on the floor, the show took Polyakova, performing his incendiary hit. It’s funny that on the floor Olya again “back” in the already past Halloween. Together with singer and dancer also “ignited” the zombies got out of the “graves”. In General, the room looked very impressive.

Even more impressive was the outfit of the performer. So, in front of cameras Polyakova danced in a red leather body with shiny silver accents. As usual, all attention was drawn to the long and very slender legs of the singer in black fishnet stockings. On legs — silver shoes on a stable heel. Also on the head of the Ukrainian beauty was an unusual “crown”.

Olya Polyakova – Hey wait a Second – dancing with the stars 2019

By the way, the audience of Dancing with the stars has managed to share the emotions of the performances and new hit Polyakova.

“So light only knows how Queen of the night! It was cool, right?” — I will specify on instagram-page of the project.

  • “Very catchy song”
  • “Lady Gaga reminds…”
  • “Olya fellow. The best instant Prem RA iz quiet scho Boule in this show. Escravo, garjachego. Odrazu — hit. I smut — each of the word zvuciti rosbrook. Vitayu s Prem rou!”
  • “The Ukrainian lady Gaga”
  • “The fire just!!!!”
  • “Well um W TL Polyakova zapaliti scene I. the hall”
  • “Bulo is so cool! Olya always cool”
  • “Super show, well done. Olga lighter, liked the song and dance”