Fans criticized the increased lip Meriem Userli

When “Magnificent century” appeared on television, the audience immediately fell in love with the bright Hürrem played by Meriem Uzerli. For the life of the actress was watched by hundreds of eyes, and from the fans noticed a new passion 34-year-old star. And, alas, not the Sultan of her heart, and plastic.

Поклонники раскритиковали увеличившую губы Мерьем Узерли

No sooner had the fans to calm down after Meriem Userli experimented with his style and got in the ratings of the most strangely dressed celebrities in Cannes, as she gave them a new unpleasant surprise. 34-year-old actress is unrecognizable in new photos.

Followers are no strangers to change in appearance Hürrem. Uzerli lost a lot of weight after filming in “the Magnificent century”, her nose became thinner, and the cheekbones sharper. All of this happened, obviously not without the help of a plastic surgeon. She Meriem did not comment on the fact that gradually ceases to be the cheerful cheerful beauty, which fell after a popular Turkish TV series.

These dramatic changes, however, did not remain without attention of 5.5 million subscribers Meriem.

Under the latest pictures of the actress on Instagram was dominated by the frenzy. Followers Meriem vying criticized her appearance and asked to return everything as it was, or at least not to continue the race for the dubious beauty.

“This is the dumplings”, “Painful to watch, that was. That’s all a Prime example of what makes modern cosmetology with people. Thinness has nothing to do with it, when cheeks and lips Botox shot up”, “the Horror of what she has done with them. This was beautiful”, — was indignant fans.
I hope that Meriem will listen to the entreaties of his followers who turn to her in English, Turkish and even Russian and I beg you to stay, until she turned into Katie Price.