Fans criticized the strange image of KARDi Bi

American singer KARDi Bi tries to pick out such outrageous outfits, that sometimes is clearly over the top, reports the with reference to WomanEL.

Поклонники раскритиковали странный образ Карди Би

So, at fashion Week in Paris, 26-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper, known for fanciful and sometimes even vulgar style, outdid herself.

The artist built for himself a dress of a doll.

Star was wrapped in a dress of the same fabric with a floral print from head to toe — stockings, gloves, dress, top, coat, scarf on head.

But the strange thing is that KARDi Bi closed the same cloth even the face turned into a walking mannequin.

As the singer moved, remains a mystery, but a celebrity willingly posed for photographers on the background of the Eiffel tower.

Now the social network discussing how the star came into my head to wear that.