Fans lament has podrachivala and Sophia Loren, and her makeup

Last Friday, Sophia Loren turned 85. Despite the respectful age of celebrity continues to lead an active social life.

Поклонники сокрушаются — подряхлела и Софи Лорен, и ее макияж

The paparazzi continue to pay attention to the person Lauren, and not cease to follow on her heels.

Despite universal admiration, sometimes film star still under condemnation of the public. Thus, recently the Network has criticized the makeup of the star, with whom she appeared at the closing of fashion Week in Milan.

Internet users tormented by one question — who would be so careless to put a star on a global scale? Some people think that Sophie is preparing for the events itself and does not trust your face to the professionals.

It is worth noting that the actress is not the first time coming out with such a strange makeup. Lauren with youth, loves false lashes and rich hands, and apparently nothing will convince of the need to look to other beauty techniques.