Fans MARUV didn’t recognize her on the published photo

MARUV (Anna Korsun) rarely says anything about his personal life. And the pictures with her husband in her social networks — also a rarity. If the singer and puts a photo or video in the company of a spouse, only in the section “stories”. For example, recently the singer performed in Saint Peterburga. Before the start of the speech, she made a sweet selfie with husband Alexander in the Elevator. And yet in the network of “leaked” rare photos of Korsun, made during the wedding!

Поклонники MARUV не узнали ее на опубликованных фото

Recall that MARUV is the star contestant of the new season of the show dancing with the stars 2019. The fourth issue was devoted to the theme of love. We all know what time the live broadcast took place the wedding ceremony of Catherine Kuchar and Alexander Stoyanov. In honor of this event was held “live love”. All star participants had to tell about their love stories.

According to Ani Korsun, it was love at first sight!

“I have a husband. It was love at first sight. When we met him, I was big and fat. Put on his leopard — he had me confused with a stripper. And he still loved me. I am grateful to him because he accepts me for who I am. Beautiful morning, ugly. Tired, not tired,” says Korsun.

MARUV and JAY – Paso Doble – dancing with the stars 2019

With her husband Alexander they have been together for 8 years. And during this period they have passed.

That we during these 8 years many things have passed and cold, and hunger, and success. Such are the very native people, each other very understand and support,” admits MARUV.

Exactly dancing with the stars 2019 and issued a rare wedding photo of Annie and Alexander Korsun, which was made 8 years ago. By the way, at the moment Alexander Korsun is a PR-project Manager MARUV.

In this photo of a couple not to know, especially Anna Korsun. She has long hair. The singer poses in a black dress, on her head was a diadem in the form of leaves. Unusual image of the “forest fairies”. However, we can say that at that time MARUV, as she put it, “was big and thick”.

And on one picture you just see Anya and Alexander together.

Поклонники MARUV не узнали ее на опубликованных фото

Subscribers and viewers of the project were quick to comment on a series of wedding photos of the singer.

  • “The third picture — a criminal record)”
  • “Wow, Yak won Garnier. I so good W the long volosy”
  • “Marov, come on”
  • “Finally, pictures from their wedding appeared”
  • “Cuties”
  • “Of course know) it’s our favorite couple.”